1-Zero tariffs
RCEP came into effect on January 1, 2022. China has zero tariffs on a large number of productsIncluding export clothing, shoes and bags. RCEP currently has 15 member countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and 10 ASEAN countries(Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia).
For details, please refer to the RCEP policy of each country's customs.

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Shipping information

Where: delivered to my place?

We can send goods internationally to over 200 countries. Please check the destination country list.

No Code Country name  
EMS AirMail Special Line
1 AA Azores and Madeira      
2 AC Ascension      
3 AD Andorra    
4 AE United Arab Emirates (AREMEX √)
5 AF Afghanistan    
6 AG Anguilla    
7 AI Antigua and Barbuda    
8 AL Albania    
9 AM Armenia    
10 AN Netherlands Antilles    
11 AO Angola    
12 AR Argentina  
13 AS American Samoa    
14 AT Austria  
15 AU Australia  (DPEX √)
16 AZ Azerbaijan    
17 BA Bosnia-Herzegovina    
18 BB Barbados    
19 BD Bangladesh  
20 BE Belgium  
21 BF Burkina Faso  
22 BG Bulgaria    
23 BH Bahrain (ARAMEX √)
24 BI Burundi    
25 BJ Benin    
26 BM Bermuda    
27 BN Brunei Darussalam   (CITYLINK √)
28 BO Bolivia    
29 BR Brazil  
30 BS Bahamas    
31 BT Bhutan    
32 BW Botswana    
33 BY Belarus (CITYLINK √)
34 BZ Belize    
35 CA Canada  
36 CB Caroline and Marianas Islands      
37 CC Cocos Island        
38 CD Cabinda      
39 CF Central African Republic    
40 CG Congo Brazzaville Republic of the    
41 CH Switzerland  
42 CI Cote d Ivoire (Ivory Coast)  
43 CK Cook Islands    
44 CL Chile    
45 CM Cameroon    
46 CO Colombia  
47 CR Costa Rica    
48 CS Canary Islands      
49 CU Cuba  
50 CV Cape Verde    
50-B CW Curacao      
51 CX Christmas Island        
52 CY Cyprus  (ARAMEX √)
53 CZ Czech Republic  
54 DE Germany  
55 DJ Djibouti    
56 DK Denmark  
57 DM Dominica  
58 DO Dominican Republic    
59 DZ Algeria    
60 EC Ecuador    
61 EE Estonia  
62 EG Egypt  (ARAMEX √)
63 ER Eritrea    
64 ES Spain  
65 ET Ethiopia    
66 FI Finland  
67 FJ Fiji    
68 FK Falkland Islands    
69 FO Faroe Islands    
70 FR France  
71 GA Gabon    
72 GB Great Britain and Northern Ireland  
73 GD Grenada    
74 GE Georgia, Republic of    
75 GF French Guiana    
76 GH Ghana  
77 GI Gibraltar    
78 GL Greenland    
79 GM Gambia    
80 GN Guinea      
81 GP Guadeloupe      
82 GQ Equatorial Guinea    
83 GR Greece  
84 GS South Georgia (Falkland Islands)        
85 GT Guatemala    
86 GW Guinea-Bissau    
87 GY Guyana    
88 HC Hawaii, Guam     大包不能发夏威夷
89 HK Hong Kong   (Fast Express √)
90 HN Honduras    
91 HR Croatia  
92 HT Haiti    
93 HU Hungary  
94 ID Indonesia (FedEx √)
95 IE Ireland  
96 II Ifni        
97 IL Israel  (ARAMEX √)
98 IN India   (ARAMEX √)
99 IQ Iraq    
100 IR Iran    
101 IS Iceland    
102 IT Italy  
103 JA Johnston Atoll        
104 JM Jamaica    
105 JO Jordan  
106 JP Japan  (SND Express √)
107 KA Kingman Island        
108 KE Kenya    
109 KG Kyrgyzstan    
110 KH Cambodia  
111 KI Kiribati    
112 KM Comoros    
113 KN Saint Kitts (St. Christopher and Nevis)    
114 KP North Korea    
115 KR South Korea - Korea, Republic of    
116 KW Kuwait    (DPEX √) (ARAMEX √)
117 KY Cayman Islands  
118 KZ Kazakhstan  
119 LA Laos  
120 LB Lebanon    
121 LC Saint Lucia    
122 LI Liechtenstein    
123 LK Sri Lanka  
124 LR Liberia    
125 LS Lesotho    
126 LT Lithuania    
127 LU Luxembourg  
128 LV Latvia  
129 LY Libya    
130 MA Morocco    
131 MC Monaco    
132 MD Moldova    
133 MG Madagascar  
134 MH Marshall Islands    
135 MK Macedonia, Republic of    
136 ML Mali    
137 MM Myanmar    
138 MN Mongolia  
139 MO Macao    (Fast Express √)
140 MQ Martinique    
141 MR Mauritania    
142 MS Montserrat      
143 MT Malta  
144 MU Mauritius    
145 MV Maldives    
146 MW Malawi    
147 MX Mexico    
148 MY Malaysia  (DPEX √)(CITYLINK √)
149 MZ Mozambique    
150 NA Namibia    
151 NC New Caledonia      
152 NE Niger    
153 NF Norfolk Island      
154 NG Nigeria    
155 NI Nicaragua    
156 NL Netherlands    
157 NO Norway  
158 NP Nepal  
159 NR Nauru    
160 NZ New Zealand  (DPEX only Aukland √)
161 OM Oman  (ARAMEX √)
162 PA Panama  
163 PE Peru  
164 PF French Polynesia      
165 PG Papua New Guinea  
166 PH Philippines (DPEX √)
167 PK Pakistan  
168 PL Poland  
169 PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon      
170 PN Pitcairn Island      
171 PR Puerto Rico    
172 PT Portugal  
173 PY Paraguay    
174 QA Qatar  (ARAMEX √)
175 RE Reunion    
176 RO Romania  
177 RU Russia    
178 RW Rwanda    
179 SA Saudi Arabia    (ARAMEX √)
180 SB Solomon Islands    
181 SC Seychelles    
182 SD Sudan    
183 SE Sweden  
184 SG Singapore (CITYLINK √)
185 SH Saint Helena      
186 SI Slovenia    
187 SJ Sikkim        
188 SK Slovak Republic  
189 SL Sierra Leone    
190 SM San Marino    
191 SN Senegal    
192 SO Somalia    
193 SR Suriname    
194 ST Sao Tome and Principe    
195 SV El Salvador    
196 SY Syrian Arab Republic  
197 SZ Swaziland    
198 TA Tristan da Cunha      
199 TC Turks and Caicos Islands    
200 TD Chad  
201 TG Togo    
202 TH Thailand  (By Road √)
203 TJ Tajikistan    
204 TK Tokelau {Union) Group (Western Samoa)      
205 TM Turkmenistan    
206 TN Tunisia    
207 TO Tonga    
208 TP East Timor    
209 TR Turkey  (ARAMEX √)
210 TT Trinidad and Tobago    
211 TV Tuvalu    
212 TW Taiwan     
213 TZ Tanzania    
214 UA Ukraine  
215 UG Uganda  
216 US United States of America  
217 UY Uruguay    
218 UZ Uzbekistan    
219 VA Vatican City      
220 VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines      
221 VE Venezuela    
222 VG British Virgin Islands    
223 VI US Virgin Islands    
224 VN Vietnam  
225 VU Vanuatu    
226 WF Wallis and Futuna Islands      
227 WI Midway, Wake Islands        
228 WS Western Samoa    
229 YE Yemen      
230 YU Serbia-Montenegro      
231 ZA South Africa    (ARAMEX)
232 ZM Zambia    
233 ZR Congo, Democratic Republic of the      
234 ZW Zimbabwe    
235 NU Niue      
236 -- Saipan Contact Us      
236 -- Tahiti Contact Us      

Delivered to your Door?
Door to door:

  • If sent by Air Mail, DHL, EMS, Special Line, the service is door to door.
  • If your parcel is delayed by the customs office(not very often), you need go to pay the duty by yourself.(In some places they collect the money when they deliver the parcel to you.)

Not door to door:

  • If sent by Air Cargo, it's airport to airport.
  • If sent by by sea from port to port.

Is the shipping free?

  • The shipping is not free without explicit explanation.
  • You can have your order picked up from our storehouse and in this case we don't charge shipping fee.

How much and how to estimate the shipping cost?
The shipping fee is charged according to the total weight your order. You can request the shipping price list to your country/region by sending an email with a title "shipping list for (your country) ".
The shipping price will update itself once the weight of online shopping cart is updated, you can see the shipping price from the shopping cart after you choose some shipping method and the destination country.
All the shipping fee is the final price, the price will be changed once or twice each year.

Which shipping method to choose?

You can choose the cheapest shipping method if you are not urgent, or choose the fastest one if you want to get the goods more quickly.
For example, 
    usually the shipping method of "air mail" is cheaper but slower,
    usually the shipping method of "DHL" is more expensive but faster.

Delivery Procedures and Timescales

Your order will be shipped out within 2 business days after the payment is received.
It takes 3~45 days for the parcel to be delivered.
If you need CO/FORMA or export license, it takes 2 business days for us to apply and get.

Shipping method

Destination countries

Predicted Dates times

Air mail/
AIR MAIL Package

Singapore \ Malaysia \ Indonesia \ Philippines \ Thailand and most Asia countries
USA \ Canada

10~25 Days

Europe Countries,  ustria \ New Zealand

15~30 Days

South America, Africa and other locations

25~45 Days


Big cities of Asia countries

3~7 Days

Most cities of USA\Canada\Western Europe

3~10 Days

Other locations

5~15 Days


Big cities of Asia countries


Most cities of USA\Canada\Western Europe


Other locations


Special Line

DPEX \ Aramex \ other lines

Usually faster than EMS but slower than DHL


By bus, by air cargo, by sea

Please contact us

Will you give me my money back if my order does not get to me within the average days or if the courier calls when I am not in?
Unfortunately, as we do not make deliveries ourselves, we are reliant on several couriers to get your goods to you. Getting a parcel across the country is not always easy and things can sometimes go wrong. Although we are normally able to achieve a very fast delivery, we cannot guarantee that your order will be with you within a specific timeframe and predicted delivery dates times are estimates only. Although you have the right to cancel should your order miss any deadline you might have, we won't be able to refund the shipping cost and you will have to pay for the goods to be brought back to us before a refund is issued.


Refund & Return Policy

Complaint , Refund & Return

When you shop with us, we want you to be completely satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order from us, you may make complaint about the goods or return it for a replacement. Before making complaint or returning your order, please take time to read our refund or return policy below. It is also recommended you call our Customer Support before returning an item, as they will be able to advise you based on your specific needs and situation.

Procedure of Making a complaint

You should report the problems in 3 days after receive the products and need fill out this form (download the complain form here).
We will process and reply your email in 24 hours.
After we reach an agreement about the refund, the refunded money can be issued to your paypal account in 48 hours or kept for your next order.


Refund rate ()



Refund rate



Send the wrong color or wrong size of the same style

10% of the amount of that item
For example: 
Expected white, actual grey.  Expected M size, actual S size.



Wrong description of sizes.

10% of the amount of that item.

1) Regarding little measurement error can't be avoided, size difference of more than 3cm will be considered as wrong description
2) complaint for items, which are ordered after we change the wrong description will not be accepted as "Wrong description of sizes" compaint



Send the wrong item

Usually we will refund 20% of the amount of the expected item.
If the actual price is 20% more than the expected item, we will give up the differnence and don’t give extra refund.
If the actual price is 20% less than the expected item, we will refund the difference plus the 20% of price of the expected item.



total quantity is different from the notice email

we will check our log file to find if we already sent the notice email.
we will check our log file to find if the quantity you provide is same to the quantity we marked.
If it's our fault, we will refund the 100% money for the missing item(s).



Color is apparently  differnent from the photo

20% of the amount of that item
Please check against the actual photos we provide.
Please be aware that the color on the photo on the computer screen is not totally same to the actual color.



Missing accessory

Button lost, 1USD.

30% of the amount of that item
Or send the accessory with the next order.



Minor defects/ small stain or spot,
can be easily amended or washed

30% of the amount of that item
For example: 
loosen button, 
bad sewing of small area.
Need be washed.



Obvious defects,
Need be amended

50% of the amount of that item
bad sewing of small area
hole/broken because of bad sewing
small hole on the cloth.



Obvious defects/ big area stain or spot
Can’t be amended

100% of the amount of that item.
Dirties of big area.
Big holes/broken of the cloth



Damage or dirties caused on the way.

No refund.
Please check if the package/cartoon box is broken before receive it.



Other situation

Please email us if you think any of above Condition & Refund rate is not suitable.


Return because of the defect

We don't prefer have the goods returned to us because the shipping fee is high compared to the amount of the item.

However, it's true that we accept returning, the first step in the process is to contact our Customer Support
You should report the problems in 3 days after receive the products and need fill out this form (download the complain form here).
Returning must be in 7 days after receive the products and must be in original condition when return to us.

When the returned package arrives at our place at Shanghai China, we will examine the item, identify the problem, we will ship the correct items back to you at no extra cost. We will handle all the necessary shipping fees (from us back to you). We will not be responsible for the returning shipping fee (from you to us). 

If we discover nothing wrong with returned items , we will promptly ship them back to you. In these cases, you will be responsible for the shipping fees in both directions.
Return because of the delivery/customs/duties

If the parcel is returned because the incorrect delivery address or t