1-Our website had updated since 2018-5-1, please Register a new member with your original email. Thank you.
2-Our Spring Festival Holiday since 2019-2-1 to 2019-2-12, will back at 2019-2-13.
During the holiday, please contact with WhatsApp: +8613127756120
3-Any popular clothing if the customer Desperately Needs it, we can set it on website by getting the images.
Paypal account have updated to Unm444@gmail.com, can pay with link PayPal.Me/UnmFashion/USDthank you.
How can I pay for my dropship orders?

How can I pay for my dropship orders?

A prepayment of at least $100 is required [of course,1000 usd is the best] if you want to become our dropship customer.

About payment please refer to

The prepayment will be used for your future orders, amount of each order will be deducted from the deposit as long as your remain money is enough for it, we will inform you timely if you need to make another payment .

By the way , please write " this payment is for dropship orders to different shipping addresses" in the note of Paypal.